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Prevent credit card fraud seven

recently, the high incidence of credit card fraud, such as phone fraud, fraudulent credit cards, cash and other phenomenon, greatly impairing the cardholder's card security.

in this regard, the Pudong Development Bank credit card Center to work together industry experts, summarized the latest scams that appear frequently in the credit card field, offer cardholders warm the seven prevention tips:
prevention: "card fraud" take medium high credit card, the results collected million collection letters. Note: the credit card Bank website applications, outside the banking professional on-site management, banking management, and not to the Mediation Office for processing.
prevention II: "upgrade lines" General this class so-called of "bank customer service" will to user credit card consumption meet lines upgrade requirements, can to holding card people improve credit card lines, in phone process in the will asked card,, and validation code and the back of check code, information, or let customer login its by provides of fake website entered related information, to success fraud implementation stolen brush. Note: in any case, the service practitioners from banks or credit cards are not through the phone or text message, to the client for a password or credit card number. Once they make such a request, you will know is a fraud information.
preventive III: "fishing Web site scam" fraudsters are using the base station to customers push SMS with a link attached to the fake banking Web site, and once the cardholder clicks fishing Web site links in the message, very likely to leak key information such as user name, card number, password, credit card was fraudulent. Note: the card holder should pay special attention to SMS or phone provided in the Web site is consistent with the Bank public Web site domain name; if it is impossible to judge, recommended to the issuing bank's official customer service hotline to confirm, do not be fooled by false.
this article four: "free gift" card holders received a strange number to call, said by telephone, was selected as one of the lucky user, want to get prizes paying small amounts of money, and you want to provide information such as your shipping address. Note: when the phone is receiving, the cardholder should keep a clear mind, and official telephone call the Bank to verify in a timely manner. Bank promotions, value-added services and other information, card holders are available through the Bank's website or micro-query, identify, and prevent fraud.
against five: "text messaging scam" received message: told to upgrade software upgrade information has leaked out. Note: banks won't send text messages inform the cardholder information disclosure. Bank official get in touch with customers and carry out identity checks and inform the relevant circumstances. If you have any questions, you can contact the Bank to consult in a timely manner.
against six: "free Wi-Fi" criminals specialize in shopping malls and other shopping sites using hacking software, free of charge Wi-Fi link is unknown, people connect to the Wi-Fi card login credit card online banking, criminals can use daemon to record Internet phone information, easy to steal credit card numbers and passwords, may be fraudulent traps. Note: ask the cardholder at the time of logon Internet banking, log on to ensure that there is in a secure environment, do not covet a temporary relief, any connection of unknown sources of free Wi-Fi.
against seven: "credit card online" fraud through the use of consumer information, acting as a customer service "refund", then lures the cardholder access to fishing sites, which is recently featured a big scam. Immersed in the online shopping convenient and fast at the same time, list of cardholders for strange customer service calls, clones and unfamiliar Web links, and to remain vigilant, never disclosing their credit card numbers, passwords, identity card, CRC and other core data.
in order to encourage the public to actively provide clues in the common fight against Telecom fraud credit card criminals, Shanghai Pudong development credit card Center opened a fraud hotline and set up special funds for 2.4 million, used to call taking with Shanghai Pudong Development Bank credit card centre, through phone calls, text messages, and Internet telecommunications fraud investigation leads. Public discovered or known criminals taking with Shanghai Pudong Development Bank credit card centre name of Telecom fraud crimes, Shanghai Pudong development credit card you can by calling the customer service phone, or click on the official website of the Shanghai Pudong development credit card Center "I want to provide clues to" report it.


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