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Car the difference between Bank lending and loan companies

Live in Suzhou you must complain about pain by bus every day, especially the rush time to catch up. The chest put back the taste and bus exhaust smell makes people sick. The taste of many commuters to stay away from taking the bus, choose to buy cheap cars as their means of transport. But the average office worker, buying a car is a large economic cost. So a lot of the banking company dedicated to providing commuters and car loan car loan business. In Suzhou, banking and auto finance loan company to apply for a car loan: what are the differences? Good credit rat small series of office workers finishing a moment for you.
, select Bank car loans.
Suzhou banks is that many Office workers of choice for car loans. Bank reputation is larger, more viable. Bank loan interest rates are relatively low, had no restrictions on vehicles purchased by. But the Bank car loan application procedures are complex, a longer review process in between one to two months.
If you want a quick loan, Suzhou banks loans are an option that bank credit card installment purchases. Staging staging shopping purchases and credit card credit card is the same, do not generate interest, according to the stipulated date for loan repayment by instalments, and more convenient. But credit card instalments to pay a considerable fee, repayment for more than a year, to pay fees higher, is not a small expense. If you have a good ability to repay, banks credit card loans is also a good choice.
-time buyers applying for the loan from the Bank and submit application materials after the approval, car owners to pay for down payments and commissions, banks will also synchronize the loan amount is remitted to the dealer's account, after the bid to complete vehicle registration of mortgage will be on the card after the car.
II, select auto finance loan company.
  auto loan company threshold is low, simply lending speed. But its high cost, not only to interest payments, should also pay the fees and other related expenses. Raising capital lease car loans. Refer buyers to the leasing company providing the leasing company will demand to buy cars, but buyers need to pay rent until the end of the lease, after payment of all rent, buyers can obtain vehicle ownership. Nasty
  car care customer, you can choose to auto finance loan company.
from the loan to buy a car, car companies are taibaodalan over, staking. Vehicle when selected, simply applying for the loan to the dealer and after you hand in the applying materials, its auto financing company will inform you of the outcome within three business days, approved buyers need only pay a down payment, and loan agreements with the auto finance company, assisted by the dealer on the completed loan registration and licensing procedures, they can.
good credit rat, commuters are reminded, when thinking about applying for a car loan. Taking into account their economic status, personal credit and repayment capability and so on, according to Suzhou's big banks and auto finance car loan process to pick a reasonable loan a loan company.



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