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While the stock market is risky, but its going to into the

Is in 2007 the bull/bear turn in too much pain, or 2009-2011 a-share market has been in severe and economic trend deviation has been ranked top three in the international arena, so after this bull market comes, many people will not believe your eyes, even if it is already earning over the killing, still fear one more time the roller coaster. The money earned to the worrying situation, has for years to see.
it is no wonder. After all, seen from the economic trend, since 2010, China's GDP growth rate downward all the way, from 10% to 7%, is constantly on pro-growth policy, close to balance, to loose the new normal. Therefore, the current round of rally, also be interpreted as policy bull market.
while the stock market is a minority make money, most money-losing gaming market, but the majority of investors still think they can benefit from and lucky General to quit. Even if people know that this bull market's Foundation is not stable, but will not completely holding money back because the money on the table, then take time to get.
If you put some distance in time, somehow, we can consider this rally to be since 2009 in China's stock market correction. After all, in times of economic growth, a downturn of the stock market is not normal. Moreover, the stock company real money (15.82,-0.01,-0.06%), support to economic recovery.
third, China's stock market, a high proportion of retail participation, increase in wealth of the a shares means a stronger retail, can play a role to create social stability and optimism, this is more that what the Government would like to see. Therefore, we have to do some analysis on current stock market, speculate on how long it lasts, and when to stop, and mercy Fund and plan accordingly. This time, perhaps to pay attention to a few things.
is a new account number. In the bull market of 2007, when new accounts slowed in more than 5,000 points, if one hand, perfect exit at that point it is easy, of course, this certainly is one of the few, or just to certain institutional investors. This round different is that the State let go of the limit of one person, one family, therefore this indicator may be a slight impact, but still have a lot of significance.
the second is funding in the interbank market prices (1192.40-1.90,-0.16%). In my opinion, in the bull market, money traders in the stock market have a natural advantage. Because a share is to a large extent due to a strengthening currency support. Reinforced liquidity in financial markets, in case of a downturn in the real economy through many forms poured into the stock market, which is similar to 2007. So long, closely watched interbank funds market price trends, see how mobility will be on stock market movements, on the concept. In this context, money traders smell is definitely the most sensitive group of people.
three is to focus on the financing situation of the bond market. Traditionally, the stock market in need of money, the bond market needed money, the real estate market is large water absorption. But since last year the real estate recession obviously, so we'll be able to focus even more attention on how funds are in the stock and bond market movements to determine future fluctuations of the stock market.
finance is an important task of this year reached debt targets. Apart from the annual established more than 600 billion bond, there are replacement parts of 1 trillion debt, as well as plenty of due debts need to be extended in various ways. In accordance with the concept of space-for-time, which was successful, and the other is unable to pay a higher interest rate. When it
necessary for issuing bonds, to cool the red-hot stock market drop, otherwise returns do not compare, cash flow shortages, release pressure is too high. So if you see bond issue going to focus, it also is the time to stock market consolidation.
If there are four, is about the introduction of new policies. Tong whether appends the line South, such as Shanghai and Hong Kong, Shenzhen Tong when sailing, and opening China's capital account there will be any big moves. Will affect the three a-share funds outflow. And if RQFII policies to further open, and is sure to attract a significant amount of foreign capital influx, China's economy, after all, no matter how bad, and annual growth of around 7%, which is rare in the world, not to mention also is such a big economy, hold day of money, or make that much money.
generally speaking, since the end of last year, the start of a bull market, and the policy and the money supply has a lot to do, also affected by both deep. Retail participation is very high in China's a-share market, the risk is relatively large. But because of our lack of more investment tools, the best investment product – real estate has gone, so inevitably will continue to participate in a-share game.
from the current situation, good policy is still not out, also some space, so even though the stock market is risky, but its going to enter, just and effective attention to indicators of change. Special reminder is, this round of stock market added the umbrella trust chasing rising stocks shadie, and will not suffer losses, and will stop the process of acceleration index and prices down. Therefore, we need a good pair of shoes, and a more cautious heart.



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