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Did not also car loan bank in a timely manner even buckle the car for private use

Two-month car loan did not, were forcibly detained
     Suzhou citizens by 2013 more than 140,000 down payment on Mr Wang Yuan, 137000 from ping an Bank loan to buy a car. On January 6, 2014, Wang first 4449.93 car loans shortly after his father was diagnosed with liver cancer. Father is in the hospital for an examination, treatment, surgery and other things take up Mr King all energy, resulting in 2 March of that year car loan is not returned in a timely manner.
     Wang said, on March 24, 2014 at about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, road junction in the East and Suzhou city yan er DAO Lu, five or six per cent as banking staff who took him to the miaoling road, laoshan district, on a nearby office building, he explained why he did not repay. Mr King explained the reasons, and said it would owe on the loan, was rejected by the other side. Asked Wang to wipe the remaining vehicle loan, and do not produce any legal documents of the case, Mr Wang were forcibly pulled vehicles, give ten days to raise money to repay Mr Wang. Someone a contact phone number.
  car was used without permission, and violation records
     after Mr King raised money, pull the cars couldn't get through, then contact Mr King, agreed to pay one hand car. Because my father's condition worsened, Wang has no time to transfer the vehicle. Mr King's surprise, on September 7, 2014, Weihai and Taitung road intersection to see Mr King's car, the car also has a telephone and ping an Bank sign. Later, Wang found through a query, use after his car seized by ping an Bank for 9 months, mileage up to 5000 km, and violation records, Haier road in yinchuan road junction and ran through the red light, driving near the road, Jiading road, Hangzhou Monitor capture.
     King Mr of lawyer maguoliang said, although King Mr of vehicles mortgage loan to has Bank, but King Mr still is vehicles of legal all, Bank think King Mr unable to reimbursement loan, can through litigation preservation, by court for seized, Bank delegate other personnel privately seized vehicles of behavior is illegal of, privately using King Mr of vehicles to King Mr caused of loss, should by Bank aspects is responsible for compensation.
     before the Bank sued
     vehicles auction on October 17, 2014, Wang received a call from Suzhou South Court, ping an Bank car loan defaults by Mr Wang Mr King to court, claims, the Court notified Wang get a subpoena.
     Mr Wang believes that his two-month loan in a timely manner, are defaults, but not accidental, not malicious are not loans, but also willing to reimburse the loan, even disposable also all car loans, the prosecution of Bank behavior puzzled. Mr Wang said, South Court, the judgment of first instance, to auction the vehicles purchased by Mr Wang, ping an Bank has the right to preferential payment. But, says Mr Wang, ping an Bank of impounded vehicles is wrong in itself, and private vehicles, causing him losses, including illegal fees, vehicle depreciation costs, and so on.
     owner of a counterclaim, King of compensable loss
     vehicle has been to Suzhou South Court, banks are required to return the vehicle and damages caused by unauthorized use of vehicles in his loss. Mr Wang's lawyer to the Court in connection with the vehicle for property preservation. 21st case in Suzhou South court hearing for the first time, due to lack of evidence, trial of another day.
     as of now, ping an Bank responded by saying that everything to be dominated by court decision, in the present case was under trial.



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