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Share net profit growth is double digit bad loan exposure

2015 of listed banks report first-quarter results will be disclosed this week is complete. Many brokerage analysts pointed out that, according to several banks had already disclosed data, first-quarter net profit growth overall in line with expectations, expects first-quarter net profit of listed banks rise in 3%-5%. Meanwhile, increase the intensity of the write-off and disposal of bad loans, is expected to become this year's "plays".
   shares in net profit growth in double-digit
       ping an Bank (000001, bar) after disclosure 2015 first-quarter data showed, ping an Bank achieved operating income of 20.671 billion yuan, an increase of 28.39%; net profit of 5.629 billion yuan, an increase of 11.38%. The reporting period, ping an Bank loans and advances (including discount) of about 1.12 trillion yuan, up 9.7% from the beginning, deposits of about 1.6 trillion yuan, up 2.95% from the beginning. According to a quarterly, ping an Bank offshore business daily deposits of 82.007 billion yuan, offshore day 49.503 billion yuan of loans, offshore business profit of 283 million Yuan, an increase of 28.1%.
      ping an Bank said operating income growth was mainly benefiting from investment banking, custody, management, settlement, and the rapid development of business, which total fees and commissions net income was 5.387 billion yuan.
      Minsheng Bank (600016, unit) quarterly data shows that reporting period, Minsheng Bank reported revenue of 36.03 billion yuan, an increase of 15.37% to achieve net profits attributable to shareholders of the parent company 13.377 billion yuan, an increase of 5.53% to achieve basic earnings per share of 0.39 Yuan, an increase of 0.02 Yuan. Quarterly results also showed that by the end of March, total 14.2982 million Minsheng Bank mobile banking customers, 1.277 million increase over the previous year, total amount of 1.23 trillion yuan in the first quarter; number of direct banking clients reached 1.7454 million, "Rooibos" purchase amounted to 354.015 billion yuan.
       brokerage analysts, several small and medium shares growing in line with earlier market expectations in the first quarter, especially in intermediate business income doing quite well, this early strategic transition to line small is not unrelated.
       However, PWC's latest banking News: 2014 review and prospect of Chinese Bank (hereinafter "report") is expected in 2015 banking net profit growth was generally reduced to single digits, not even excluding some banking net profit growth. PWC partner Rong Xianwen, Director of financial services, China believes that longer term, "along the way" strategy will stimulate trade, such as mergers and acquisitions and financing needs, new opportunities for commercial development. These regional and international strategic planning will help commercial banks layout. Continuous exposure
       bad loans, was in line with market expectations, the listed banks ' bad loans are still exposed, and this trend is difficult to change in the short term. First-quarter data show that by the end of March, Minsheng banking bad loan rate of the group is 1.22%, up 0.05% over the previous year; provisioning coverage ratio and loan provisions of 180.58% and 2.2%, respectively. Ping an Bank bad loans 13.198 billion yuan in the first quarter, the year 25.68% growth, rate of 1.17%. Among them, the bad loans are mainly concentrated in the commercial, manufacturing, and retail loans (including credit card), total bad loans 96%. China CITIC Bank (601998, unit), as of the reporting period, the NPL balance 30.228 billion yuan, up 6.23% over the end of nonperforming loans was 1.35%, up 0.05% over the previous year; set aside coverage of 183.98%, up 2.72% over the previous year; loan loss provision was 2.48%, up 0.12% over the previous year.
       brokerage analysts, for now, banks ' bad assets would continue to be exposed to, commercial banks to set aside still stressful.
       PricewaterhouseCoopers report said the bad loans and the NPL ratio further "double l" credit asset quality risks continues to appear. Commercial banks need to carefully examine the provision for loan impairment provisions, increase the reserves set aside to guard against risks. And efforts to increase the disposal of bad loans, by means of verification and transfer, pressure reducing bad assets.
       PricewaterhouseCoopers banking and Leung, head of capital markets partner analysis: "as the asset quality is further down and average days outstanding non-performing loans overdue continues to increase, this kind of loans turning bad loans highlights the pressure. All the signs indicate that China credit risk exposure of the banking sector is accelerating. "



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