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Matters needing attention
For now, borrow money to buy cars are all over, brothers enjoy a car due to the early resources, on the other hand easing economic pressure throughout the car, however, borrow money to buy cars is not so short, here to introduce, borrow to buy a car which cannot be ignored.
1, the zero-interest-rate loans to buy a car must be affordable?
many buyers thought that zero-interest-rate loans to buy a car is very affordable, but it's not! this car business just a gimmick, as removed from the interest rates at the same time, will make you pay a lot of fees, this fee is another call for interest.
2, enjoy the zero interest rates after buying the car or unable to enjoy other preferential
generally speaking, enjoy an interest free car loan buyers access to dealers to launch other promotions, and other concessions to save money or save more interest.
3, credit card instalments or letter with a bad
as compared to bank loans, credit card payments more concise, but after the stage using a credit card, if buyers repayment in full and on time, will not only pay the late fees, interest, and personal credit will leave "tainted", affect the processing of credit business in the future.
in addition, when you borrow money to buy cars, borrowers must be within our capabilities and early repayment plan, or is likely to fail in the late payments.


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